Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

   Our vision is to build and provide a high-volume, 'Kubernetes & Document Database driven – Sales, Billing and accounting platform'. It is intended to be the stepping stone for companies to build a comprehensive Sales Digital transformation platform which can scale to a future ERP system. To that extent volumebilling was formed in 2019.

   Traditional market leading SAAS, ERP solutions, are based on RDBMS technology from the last century. A ‘Document Type Database’, like ‘Mongo DB’, is extremely easy to solution, design and implement with no stringent schema as traditional RDBMS systems. Nesting functionality eliminates the need for multiple linked tables.

   New cloud computing technologies - Docker and Kubernetes - allows parts of a given application to be scaled limitlessly as per the business requirement, which cannot be accomplished in traditional existing solutions. ‘Microservices and API driven architecture’ are the core principle design of volumebilling platform.

Our vision is to combine these new functionalities and build a next gen ‘Cloud Sales, Subscriptions and Billing Application platform’ that enterprises can use to implement and meet their current needs, and as well has the ability to scale up to a ERP application in the future.

We are a startup company based out of Dallas TX, USA.

In phase 1, we have targeted high volume - subscription, usage and on-demand billing solution. Q4 2020 will be the launch for phase 1 of our solution. Phase 1 will include Sales functionality including - On-demand purchases, Sales orders, Subscriptions, Usage billing, Revenue, AR and GL Accounting functions. This phase will support Fleet rental subscriptions, Digital Subscriptions billing, Utilities and Bundles billing processes.

Phase 2 and beyond - CPQ, Sales, Accounting 2 and basic Inventory Allocation scenarios will be implemented.

Phase 3 - Comprehensive Managerial Accounting, and Inventory Management functions - move towards ERP.

Our Values


Innovation is the key principle of our company. Our focus should always be to assess new technologies and design solutions that can help reduce cost, improve efficiency, and provide new functionalities to our customers on a constant basis.

Customer Focus

We exist to provide reliable, secure, efficient solutions and service to our customers. Our focus and operations have to be oriented towards delivering a better solution to our customers.


We perform our business operations with integrity internally, and with external partners. We follow all the rules and regulations, and in addition will go above and beyond to act ethically when engaging any of our partners, consistently.


Our solutions and service to our customer should be of highest quality. A high-quality solution or service will improve the customers efficiency and that is what we should always thrive for.


Respect to our customers, vendors, partners and internal teams is an integral necessity of our operations. Every individual and partner will always be engaged in a professional, respectful manner.


Our partners, customers and internal team members are our key strengths. We will collaborate with all of them efficiently to drive results to our customer.


Be a responsible part of our local and global communities and work towards enhancement of our community in ways possible, as part of our existence.