Usage (Metered) & Subscriptions Billing
+ AI
+ Device Management (IOT / 5G/ Edge)


Telcos (5G and Edge)

Media (OTT and On Demand)

Software Providers

Vehicle Subscriptions

Why Volumebilling?

1 Retain customers & Improve Your Margins

Offer what customers need

  • Offer Usage based charging to customers who prefer Pay-Per-Use model.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retain the customers.
  • Offer Pay-per-Subscriptions along with Pay-per-Use model.

Improve Revenue Margins

  • Pay Vendor Revenue share (Royalties, Commissions) based on actual Usage revenue from customer.
  • Improve your profit margins.

2 Assign Devices & Bill by Device Usage

  • Assign devices per each sales order line item, and track
    usage summary per each device per unique bill cycle.
  • Single invoice for Usage (Metered) Billing charges and
  • Track usage (data streams) for all devices per bill cycle.
  • Use various pricing models for pricing the Usage Quantity
    and Subscriptions

3 AI Able platform

  • AI able platform, against customer Sales Orders/ Contracts + Device usage history.
  • Enable intelligent data feedpoint to your marketing platform, for effective marketing campaigns.
  • Increase revenue by offering smart deals through cross selling or up selling, based on the customer device activity.
  • Intelligent service notifications can also be enabled per device.

4 Feature based Selling

  • Your company products or Third-party vendor products in the features list for selection.
  • Set up features for selection in your sales catalogs. Simple and UI friendly. No IT help required.
  • Let your customer choose the features for the product, that drives the final Usage and Net price for the product.
  • Hybrid pricing for any scenario you need.

Total Usage Amount


Total List Amount




5 Any Cloud

Your Cloud (Private) or Vendor Cloud (GCP) or On-Prem. No vendor cloud lock-in. Transition as you need.

6 Many ways to Sell

  • Unified Single Sales Orders
  • Subscriptions
  • Metered Billing Products
  • One-time Sales
  • On Demand Sales
  • Goods, Services
  • Configurables, Bundles
  • Pre-Paid &Post-Paid
  • Billing
  • On Demand Billing
  • Recurring Billing
  • Metered Billing (Usage Based)


7 Many Pricing Models

  • Separate Sales Pricing vs Metered Pricing models
  • Easy set up of any pricing model you desire in catalogs.
  • Give customers ability to select the features they need and
    price their products.
  • Guided pricing to customers during sales order processing.

8 Easy integrations to ERP, ECommerce

  • Easy integration to your existing ecommerce systems for
    efficient and clean Order Submission.
  • Easy integration to your existing ERP application for Wait-
    and-Receive Order fulfillment status updates & End-
    of-the-Day Accounting balances updates (AR, Revenue Summary).
  • IFRS 15/ ASC 606 Accounting capability.

9 All-In-One Solution

Existing Applications in Market

Big up-front cost for implementation. Cannot implement or scale faster.


One simple All-in-One system.

10 Scale Up as you grow

  High Volume

Collect data streams and bill them efficiently.

  Scale Globally – As you grow

Scale as your business grows, pay only for what you need


REST API’s and Service Mesh – Easy integrations.


End-to-End TLS and MTLS security enabled.