As-a-Service Providers

  • SAAS, PAAS, NAAS, IAAS providers.
  • Subscriptions (Recurring Billing) and Metered (Usage based) billing in one system.
  • Assign devices to customers and track their usage per recurring bill cycle.
  • Combine these 2 charges into one bill with group invoicing.
  • Revenue share for vendor items based on usage or subscriptions.
  • Volumebilling comes with many out-of-the-box scenarios, that are key for As-A-Service-providers.
  • Expand the application as you need and integrate into your IT or edge device platforms with volumebilling.


  • Bundles pricing for 5G or Edge devices sales and billing.
  • IFRS 15/ ASC 606 reporting for bundled subscription scenarios.
  • Track device activations, device usage per bill cycle and charge over usage to the customer every cycle.
  • Revenue share for vendor items.
  • Combine one-time sales, recurring charges, and usage charges into one invoice.
  • Seamless management of AR through Auto-payments.

Media (OTT and On Demand)

  • Periodic monthly flat fee subscriptions for OTT providers.
  • Fixed term or open term contracts.
  • On demand sales ability to sell movies, games, songs, software etc.
  • Revenue share for vendor items.
  • Separate billing and invoicing for monthly charges vs On demand purchases by the customer.
  • Scale and support for millions of customers.

Software Providers

  • Recurring software subscriptions management. Track software license keys allocation for multi-quantity purchases.
  • Transfer license keys to customer employers as required.
  • On demand software sales and delivery.
  • Group invoices vs single order invoices as required.

Vehicle Subscriptions

  • Tiered based pricing for vehicle subscriptions.
  • Track usage per vehicle (legally permitted) and recommend cross sale products, features and enhancements.
  • Multi vehicle sales in one sales order. Assign and track fleet usage per cycle, per vehicle, group, and bill.
  • Collective vs single invoicing.


  • Water or traditional Electricity or Solar companies to track usageof customers.
  • Bill based on usage of the customer.
  • Pay partners the revenue share, based on the end usage of the customer.
  • Advanced platform for consolidated Metered billing.
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