1 Sales and Billing

Sales Order
  • Unified Single Orders. Many orders for one customer.
  • Process Subscriptions, One-time (On Demand) or Metered Device sales in one order.
  • Goods, Services, Tasks, Bundles in One order.
  • Advanced functions for Obligations schuedling and tracking (Goods or Service or Task delivery) – internally or from external systems.
  • Bill and Revenue Scheduling based on Obligation fulfillment.
  • Transaction Price vs Allocation price determination per IFRS 15/ ASC 606 standards.
  • Unified single entity for accounts.
  • One entity with many roles - Customers, Vendors, Dealers, Field Sales Reps and more.
  • Prevents duplication of records.
  • Can act as a Master data system for all your subsystems in the landscape including CRM or ERP systems.
Account Management
  • Flat fee, Volume, Tier or Hybrid pricing models in sales order processing.
  • Catalog driven pricing vs Order driven pricing.
  • Pricing can also be driven from external systems with APIs.
  • Per device, Per bill cycle usage metrics captured in the system.
  • Collect and Track (Mediate) data streams (Millions of records) from IOT, cloud or edge devices.
  • API integration for data lakes to establish the bill cycle usage per device (individually).
  • Consolidate the usage and Bill to customer as per the advanced pricing models.
Device and Data Stream Management
  • One time or Recurring obligations including Goods delivery, Service completion or Activation and more.
  • Capture from your external systems or update internally.
  • One Time, Recurring (Subscriptions), Usage Based Billing, Hybrid Billing as required.
  • Single or Consolidated (Group invoices) as required.
  • Integrated AR Management to Invoicing.
Billing (Invoicing)
Accounting (AR and Revenue)
  • Revenue and AR accounting in one system.
  • IFRS 15/ ASC 606 standards accounting recognition and reporting.
  • Embedded Deferred Revenue Recognition capability.
  • Bundles processing capability.
  • Summary extracts and postings for revenue accounting and AR to your ERP or financial systems.
  • Incoming payments – One time or recurring. Built in Stripe integration. Other payment processors as required.
    Seamless Refunds processing as required.
  • Adjustments, Aging write offs, Dispute and Collections, Dunning and more.

IOT/ Edge Device Management

Device Management
  • Assign devices sold to the customer, per sales order and sales item individually.
  • Track the Usage data for each device, per defined billing cycle separately.
  • Show the usage data per device in customer invoices or your portals.
  • Volume or Tier based Revenue share goals.
  • De-activate/ Re-assign devices as required during their life cycle.

3 AI Enabled

  • Embedded AI engine can be used on both Sales Orders/ Contracts + Usage data from devices.
  • Intelligent marketing campaigns can be triggered from your CRM or marketing platforms, based on the AI engine feed points.
  • Improve revenue and profit margins tremendously with this ability.
AI Able

Quotes and Catalogs (CPQ)

Catalog Management
  • Set up Catalogs for items, configurable products and bundles seamlessly. No IT help required.
  • Classify and manage catalogs per country, across globally in one system.
  • Further classification of catalogs by Customer group, Product categories, Line of business etc. or any rule you require.
  • Single source of truth for all products and their Pricing.
  • Many pricing models – Flat fee, Volume, Tier to be assigned to the products.
  • Configure, Price and generate Quotes.
  • Items, Configurable products or Bundles processed in quotes.
  • Manage many quotes for same customer.
  • Submit quotes for review.
  • Generate sales orders from active quotes.

Partner Payments

Vendor Revenue Share
  • Make vendor revenue share payments based on One time, Subscriptions (Recurring) or Usage based share.
  • Track customers usage per cycle and generate the payment based on that amount.
  • Establish Vendor contracts per country or region level, for various products for revenue share percentage.
  • Volume or Tier based Revenue share goals.
  • Assign and track account executives, field sales reps per quote or orders.
  • Pay them based on Subscription or usage amount accurately.
  • Establish employee contracts per Company or Country, Product lines seamlessly.
Field Sales Rep Commissions

Company Structures

Global Deployment – One System
  • Establish and use for many companies across many countries in ONE system.
  • No need for country dependent or region dependent systems for seperation of master or transactional data.
  • Map your company structure to the system – dynamic structure. No limitations.