Use cases

Use cases


Industry - Volumebilling Cloud Subscription Billing

B2B, B2C and B2B2C business processes can be implemented in the same system.

Open Term subscriptions
  • - Pre-paid or Post-paid.
  • - Free Trial days before enrollment of contract.
Open subscription plans. Can be used by streaming companies, news paper companies etc.
Fixed term subscriptions
  • - Provide upfront discount for full payment.
  • - Or monthly billing either Pre-paid or Post-paid.
Fixed term subscriptions or Contracts for companies. Can be used by software companies, telecom companies, etc.
On Demand Sales – On demand orders by customers, w.r.t a contract or stand alone. Can be used by digital companies, tech companies, gaming companies etc.
  • - Can be sold as One time or Subscriptions
Bundles can include goods and services.
In Subscriptions
  • - Pre-paid allowances through multiple tiers.
  • - Goods or services delivered once, billed periodically.
Goods or services delivered periodically – monthly, weekly, etc.
Usage Billing - Volume or Tiered Pricing.
  • - Capture, Rate and Bill Usage quantity per cycle by the customers.
Usage based pricing and billing of the customer within a subscription for every cycle. Can be used by Meter companies – water, utilities, Cloud data companies etc.
Usage Streams engine through Kafka. Streams of usage data can be captured for billing, using Kafka.
  • - Sales of goods and items. (Order processing).
Supports the sale of goods and services. Either one time or subscription based.
  • - Both item and Bundles catalogs.
Catalogs can be managed at various levels.
Capture of Obligations fulfillment. Compute transaction price for each item in the bundle. External or internal obligations completion capture.
  • - Per Order or Per Customer account per cycle.
Deferred revenue accounting capability. Both projections and actuals from the same system. Both GL and Revenue accounting from same system.
Royalty Payments – Royalty computation and payment to vendors based on Usage for every cycle as required. Can be used by companies who have vendors providing the goods or services, which in turn requires settlements.
Can be extended to Sales rep commissions per Cycle, based on usage.

Digital Subscriptions

volumebilling system supports digital media subscription processes including
Streaming monthly subscription (fixed or un-ending)
On-demand purchases
Usage based (pre-paid or post-paid) billing scenarios
Partner Royalty payments, Member rewards and more.

On-Demand purchases

Several digital streaming companies will have the necessity for the applications to be scalable for millions of customers, to process on demand purchases. The volumebilling system is capable of unlimited horizontal scalability to support on-demand purchases processing requirements.

Fleet Rental Subscriptions

Fleet rental companies, autonomous or driver-driven (ride-share apps), can use volumebilling as a single-point billing and marketing platform. Vehicles, Drivers, Dealerships, Customers can all interact with volumebilling application for end-to-end business process execution.

Cloud Providers

Cloud providers have the need to track and bill billions of cloud usage transactions, and bill their customers based on usage and monthly subscriptions. volumebilling system provides multi-billing models to support these provider requirements.

Edge Devices Usage billing

Collect usage data from edge devices upto millions of transactions per hr, filter & rate them in real-time and bill to customer. In addition, use the AI functionality for real-time up/ cross selling of products to the customer in streaming mode.

Vendor Market place

volumebilling can host 'Vendor Catalogs' and drive product recommendations based on defined rules in conjunction with AI capabilities, and there by improve the sales process.


volumebilling can support Utilities industry with customer usage-based billing, partner payments for distribution and other charges, sales rep commissions seamlessly in one system.


volumebilling supports bundled scenario billing, which include goods, services, partner payments in addition to subscriptions, usage and on demand purchases billing. It is a all-in-one solution for any custom billing requirements of varying industries.